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Muddy Tonic


Chlorella and spirulina are excellent sources of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll supports healing, delaying aging, significantly lowers cancer risk, gently detoxifies, quiets inflammation and activates cell renewal.

These superfoods contain trace minerals, iron, vitamins, essential fatty acids and highly absorbable amino acids.

One teaspoon of chlorella has a much protein as one ounce of red meat. Our Muddy Tonic contains 2 teaspoons of chlorella and spirulina.

This bottle of goodness has as much protein as a four ounce filet.


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This one is especially for all you celery haters out there! By popular demand, we’re now doing a nourishing and delicious Green juice without celery! Pineapple really adds a tart sweetness to all the green goodness! This juice contains added blue-green algaes: Spirulina and Chlorella. These two superfoods will help accelerate weight loss, build muscle, fortify your immune system, and supercharge your full-body detox.