FAQ About Cleansing

every time you eat or drink, or are either feeding disease or fighting it

Is there an order to drink the juices?

We will provide you with a suggested order in which to drink the juices. However, this is simply a suggestion. My only suggestion is to start the day with a green juice and end your day with a green juice. Some folks enjoy drinking the almond milk during the time of day they tend to be the most hungry. Others, split the almond milk. They drink half early in the day and the rest at the end of the day. There’s really no right or wrong.

How often should I drink juice when I’m cleansing?

I recommend a bottle of juice every hour or couple of hours. There are 8 bottles in a one-day cleanse. So if you want to drink your 8 bottles within a 12 hour period, then enjoying a bottle of juice every 90 minutes will meet this timeline. Again, this is just a suggestion not a rule. This is your cleanse so make it work for you.

Do I drink water during my cleanse?

Yes. After finishing a juice, fill the bottle with water. Add some lemon so the water is actually absorbed by the systems. You may also add cucumber or lime. Adding this to your water makes it bioavailable on the cellular level (hydrating the cells) versus regular water that just flushes the body. Regular old water doesn’t necessarily hydrate the body.

What if I can’t finish all 8 juices in one day?

Totally fine. Just drink what you can. Tomorrow is a new day. If you get through Day 3 and you have four or five juices left, great! You can drink them the next couple of days while you’re transitioning from juice to food. As long as your juice stays cold, it will last 7-10 days in your fridge.

Will I have to go to the bathroom during a cleanse?

Well, that depends on how poopy your diet is — literally and figuratively. If you eat a lot of packaged, processed and fast food then you probably have a good bit of fecal matter hardened in the intestinal wall that needs to be moved out. The juice has the enzymatic properties necessary to soften the fecal matter so that it can pass. So, you may have some bathroom visits while this is being moved out of the body. However, this is not the juice making you run to the bathroom. This is a result of a poopy diet that you are in dire need of changing. You may even feel like you have a hangover during Day 1/Day 2. This is just the detox happening at a cellular level.  So, don’t give up. The only way OUT is THROUGH. As far as urinating often on a cleanse, not really. Most of the juice is consumed by the body. Our cold-pressed juices are the structured water that your cells CRAVE. However, drinking water in between juices will most likely increase your bathroom visits.

What if I don’t know if I can cleanse all 3 Days?

No worries. Start with one day. If it goes well, come back and get more. We’re open every day.

What if I get hungry during the cleanse?

If you feel the need to chew, I suggest working out, going for a walk, reading a book or doing something you enjoy to distract the mind. If the need to chew becomes overwhelming, reach for berries, melons, cucumbers, or avocados, These foods are high in water content and will not adversely affect the point of the cleanse. Most of the time, you start to eat these foods and you realize you’re actually not hungry. It’s just the mind overreacting. Or you’re bored because preparing food, shopping for food and eating food are such a large part of our daily routine.

Am I getting the sufficient amount of calories during a cleanse?

The short answer is YES! Unless your are training for an Iron Man or the Olympics. Not sure who came up with the 2,000 calories a day number but I’m pretty it’s not really working out for most of us. Most of us have not seen our toes in decades due to this guideline. So, a couple of days in calorie deficit will not hurt us. Go beyond your taste buds and visualize the AMAZING goodness that is happening inside your body at that moment while consuming cell-dancing, raw, wholesome  juice. I promise by Day 3 of your cleanse, you’ll be rethinking your daily food intake.

Can I work out while I cleanse?

YES!! Do you what you always do. I have my best workouts when drinking juice because there’s no bloat or heaviness in my tummy. If you think you need more sustenance in your diet due to heavy workouts or long runs, eat avocados. You can have two or three avocados a day. This fat does not make us fat. Sugar makes us fat. And there is no sugar in avocados.

Can I drink coffee while I cleanse?

Yes. Most of the time it’s what we put in our coffee that makes it no longer good for us. Black coffee is fine. Add half a teaspoon of coconut oil or pastured butter to your coffee and your coffee is even better for you.

How long should I cleanse?

I think 3 days is necessary to really detox but you can go as long as 5 days. However, you could always cleanse 1 day a week. This will help keep the body in check.

Do you have to cleanse?

Absolutely not. Cleansing is a great way to reset the systems. Especially if you’re having a lot of inflammation or experiencing discomfort in the tummy. Cleansing is also a great thing to do when you have a lot going on and need mental clarity. However, adding one juice to your daily routine will help tremendously. You don’t have to substitute a meal with juice. Just add the juice to your meal and see how over time, you start to crave cleaner, better foods and tend to reach for your juice instead of that second piece of pizza or piece of bread. Drinking one bottle of Journey Juice will change your palate. Try it for one week. See for yourself.

What happens when my cleanse is over?

Slowly transition back to foods. No fast foods. Think raw, fresh and light. Real food with real ingredients such as fish, vegetables, eggs, sardines, avocados, etc. If you have any juice left over, drink those over the next couple of days with your food.

Still have more questions?

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