Juice Fasting / Cleansing

It takes our bodies hours to fully digest, absorb, and eliminate just one meal. The majority of energy is allocated to this continual task as we eat meal after meal and snacks in between. Incorporating juices fast is a wonderful, safe, and effective way to give our digestive systems a break. This reprieve allows our bodies to naturally clean the organs and other body systems. Fasting has been a part of cultures for centuries for health benefits as well as an opportunity for reflection, contemplation, and rest. Below are the top reasons why juice fasts will add to your health and years to your life!


  • balances pH and blood sugar levels
  • cleanses and regulates the colon
  • weight loss (fat, not water)
  • diminishes toxin load
  • strengthens the immune system
  • increases mental clarity
  • heavy metals cleansing
  • increases liver function capacity
  • loss of cravings for sugar and other stimulants
  • cellular cleansing and rebuilding
  • radiant, glowing complexion
  • diminishes pains and allergies (some disappear completely!)
  • blood, tissue, and organ cleansing
  • restores liver function capacity
  • increases energy levels
  • emotional cleansing and release
  • experience an enhanced sense of joy and lightness

We offer several options for juice cleanses. The Basic Detox consists of eight bottles and is perfect for first time juicers as well as the juice cleanse aficionados. The Spicy Detox consists of eight bottles and is just that– spicy! Several bottles in this cleanse have cayenne pepper and the capsaicin in the peppers kicks it up a notch. The Simple Six is a mix of the Basic and Spicy with two less bottles (for a total of six) and does include the spicy juices. All of our cleanses are offered by the day. Depending on your needs and schedule you can order a cleanse for one day, one week or more!