Get JUICY with it!

Journey Juice is Athens’ premium, locally-owned, raw, cold-pressed juice store. We offer 10oz and 16oz bottles of fresh fruit and vegetable juice and two flavors of almond milk. Each bottle contains between two and three pounds of fresh produce with no water or sugar added. All of our produce is locally sourced and Certified Naturally Grown when possible and is never frozen. After 15 years in the public school system, I traded my Educator status for Vegucator! I’ve always been an avid health and fitness nut, and I was a big fan of cold-pressed juices for years. When the opportunity to provide healthy juice to my community presented itself, I jumped at the chance to do something I love and believe in. I love being able to purchase fresh produce from many of our local farmers and turn it into healthy liquid deliciousness. I think Journey Juice produces the best tasting cold-pressed juice anywhere. And it’s so good for you, it makes your cells dance! Life’s a Journey. Make it JUICY!