Lean ‘n Mean


6 bottles per day.
A great combo of juices to drink during a day of intermittent fasting. Yodalicious, Synergy, Just Greens, Veggie Town, Synergy and Infused water



1 Day Supply

This program has been designed to ensure maximum nutrition with very little sugar and enough protein to help you achieve your fitness goals. Each day of the Lean and Mean program includes 3 Cold-Pressed Veggie Juices, 2 Cold-Pressed Fruit & Veggie Juices, and 1 Infused Water. That’s 6 bottles per day over five days. For Journey Juice Cleanse veterans, you can rate this cleanse between the Juicer’s and the Epic. Not quite as hardcore as the Epic, but not nearly as sweet as the Juicer’s.

This cleanse will contain 1 Yodalicious every day with added Spirulina and Chlorella. These two superfoods will help accelerate weight loss, build muscle, fortify your immune system, and supercharge your full-body detox.

Juice List

*On Day 5 of the Cleanse, the Chia Fresca is subbed out for your choice of available Cold-Pressed Nutmilks. This includes Vanilla Almond Milk, Chocolate Almond, & Nutty Joe. We find that this is the perfect way to end a nutritious journey!

Sorry, no substitutions on on-line orders. Please call (706) 850-0707 or email with questions about substitutions and custom juicing options.