Grab & Go Running Tab


When You’re On The Run!
24 bottles per pack



Stop by the store and  “GRAB and GO”. We’ll keep track of how many bottles you have left. Great for exercisers who don’t like to carry their wallets.

Grab & Go works like a running tab. You purchase 24 bottles up front and we take down your name and contact information. Then you come into any one of our locations whenever you want and grab as many bottles as you like.

We’ll keep track of how many bottles you have left on your customer account.

This option is great for exercisers and Journey Juice regulars alike because it saves you nearly 1 buck a bottle!

That adds up. Trust us.

Almond Milks not included but can be purchased on your Grab & Go with a $2 upcharge. Call (706) 850-0707  for information.

Sorry, no substitutions on on-line orders. Please call (706) 850-0707 or email with questions about substitutions and custom juicing options.