Epic Journey


8 Bottles Per Day.
2 Just Greens, 2 Veggie Town, 1 Carrot Kicker, 1 Carrot Greens, 2 Limon Diablo.



1 Day Supply

The Epic Journey is for those of us who know exactly what we want: Vegetables. Each day of this cleanse puts over 15lbs. of fresh, raw vegetables into your system. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, kick-start your immune system, detox, or just trying to get healthier, you can’t do better than the Epic Journey. Each day of the Epic Journey starts with our silky-smooth Just Greens and ends with our fresh Carrot + Greens. Our Limon Diablo helps fortify this cleanse by adding a couple of hot dashes of cayenne pepper to boost that metabolism. Be brave. Juice On!

Juice List

Sorry, no substitutions on on-line orders. Please call (706) 850-0707 or email with questions about substitutions and custom juicing options.