Beginner’s Journey


8 bottles per day – Greens Apple, Green Zinger, Synergy, Beet Zinger, Vanilla Almond Milk, and 2 Chia Fresca 



1 Day Supply

Our Beginner’s Journey is the perfect introduction to juice cleansing. Each day of the Beginner’s Journey starts with our signature Beet Zinger and ends with our scrumptious Vanilla Almond Milk. Our Greens + Apple, Synergy, and Green Zinger rush your system with healing greens and our Chia Fresca and Almond Milk fortify with needed protein, trace minerals, and healthy fats.

Juice List

Sorry, no substitutions on on-line orders. Please call (706) 850-0707 or email with questions about substitutions and custom juicing options.