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Hello World- We Are Journey Juice


Imagine a world full of healthy people happy and strong. This quality of life begins with the quality of food that sustains it. A transition from highly processed foods to a more whole food diet must occur. Unfortunately the average American does not consume enough fresh fruits and vegetables. Our mission is to spread the juicing lifestyle far and wide, improving lives one person at a time. A juicing lifestyle means juicing daily for good health, whether it be with a centrifugal juicer or nutrient-dense pressed juice, the point is to get the life-giving juice inside the body.

The juicing lifestyle is our way of life.  Our fresh juices contain energizing plant-based nutrition including proteins, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and many other life giving food factors that are vital to our health.  It’s a no brainer why juicing has been known to boosts health, increase longevity, and prevent and treat hundreds of conditions and diseases*.

The reasons for juicing are many, however Journey Juice is far more than just a juicing company. We are dedicated to empowering individuals with knowledge to help improve their lives, communities, nation, and world. Journey Juice will promote topics such as but not limited to sustainability, ecology conservation, food justice topics, environmental toxins, and family wellness.

The natural, organic, and health/wellness industry is one of innovation, passion, self-regulation, and collective evolution. At Journey Juice, we seek to provide products to match our consumer’s lifestyles that are committed to better health. People are increasingly becoming aware of the health benefits of eating whole food and avoiding highly processed and refined foods. The public is looking and supporting companies that bring benefit to their lives.  Furthermore, people are demanding a higher standard of the food industry.  They are seeking education, they are in need of businesses to go “beyond organic” and “transparency and accountability” to a place where the source to self is in accord with the flow of nature.  That’s our mission here. We are Journey Juice.

Happy to be here!