Wipe The Slate Clean In 2015 with $20 Off Our Journey Juice Cleanses!

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It’s New Year Resolution Time!

2015 is here! Yes, the holidays were just upon us. We feasted and gorged ourselves with family and friends, but now 2015 is here. We know many of you have resolutions to be healthier, so we’re here to help with that!

Springboard your 2015 with $20 Off Any Journey Juice Cleanse:

  • $20 OFF 3-Day Beginners Cleanse
  • $20 OFF 3-Day Juicers Cleanse
  • $20 OFF 3-Day Epic Cleanse
  • $20 OFF 5-Day Juice Till Dinner
  • $20 OFF 5-Day Lean ‘n Mean
  • $15 OFF Grab & Go

Juice cleansing is a great way to reset your system and start anew (Click Here For More Info On Juice Cleansing). Since we opened our doors in June of 2013, our juice cleanses have been enjoyed by thousands of customers who use them to aid and fortify their bodies while on their own personal life journeys. That’s where we come in! Journey Juice is natural fuel to nourish your body. Why don’t you take the plunge and see what all the fuss is about? Click below for more details.



See What Our Customers Are Saying!

  • I loved the Epic Cleanse SO MUCH- I didn’t want it to end seriously!!! I felt great- tons of energy and no cravings!!

    — Caroline Ward, Personal Trainer/Nutrition Consultant Transfit Athens
  • Three weeks ago I did the beginner cleanse and I am still caffeine free! No headaches and I actually have energy in the morning again. Amazing.

    — Mercedes D.
  • Not only do the folks at Journey Juice make a delicious and healthy product, they are kind, understanding, and supportive. I only juice with Journey Juice.

    — Sara W.
  • The Beginner’s Three Day Cleanse was awesome!!! Much easier to do than you may think.

    — Christy O.
  • “Best” and “favorite” are words that I don’t say about foods lightly, but I can say them here: Journey Juice is my favorite juice shop in Athens, and they make the best juice I’ve ever tasted.

    — Sarra Sedghi, Townie Travels


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