Video: Creative Vibes in Athens, GA

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A year of inspiration in our favorite town.

Video: Change Your World

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Be the change. Change your world.

Announcing Fight The Freshman Fifteen Juice Special!

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Welcome back students! Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Journey Juice – Athens Premier Cold-Pressed Juicery. We craft raw, all-natural, cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices that nourish the body, invigorate the soul, and taste delicious. Our juices are juiced fresh in the mornings and pre-bottled for your convenience. We feature grab-n-go nutrition to suit your busy lifestyles. Cold-pressed juices are sometimes two-to-five times more nutritious than their store-bought counterparts and don’t spoil in an hour like juices made in front of you at a juice bar. Because our cold-pressed juicing method adds very little oxygen and little-to-no heat, our juices stay fresh and full of nutrition for up to five days in your refrigerator! How’s that for convenient?

Ready For Spring Break 2014! 5-Day Journey Juice Cleanse Special

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Don’t starve yourselves this year getting ready for spring break! Nourish your body instead with our specially tailored, Journey Juice Spring Break 5 Day Cleanse. This program has been designed to ensure maximum nutrition with very little sugar and enough protein to help you achieve your fitness goals for the oncoming spring break season. Each day of the Spring Break Special includes 3 Cold-Pressed Veggie Juices, 2 Cold-Pressed Fruit & Veggie Juices, and 1 Infused Water. That’s 6 bottles per day over five days for only $160! That’s $35 off the regular price!

Start A New Routine in 2014 with a $99 3-Day Journey Juice Cleanse!

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2014 is here! Yes, the holidays were just upon us and we feasted and gorged ourselves with family and friends. But now January 1st is here and we know that many of you have resolutions to be healthier. Well, we’re here to help with that. Springboard your 2014 with a $99 3-Day Juice Cleanse from Journey Juice!

Journey Juice Does Black Friday 2013!

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Yup! We’re joining in on the madness! At 6 AM on Friday morning, we’re opening up our doors at our shop on Prince Ave. and we’re offering a bunch of great Black Friday specials! Come on down to get massive discounts on Journey Juice Boxes, Free Coolers, and even Free Bottles! In order to get a sneak peak at what our crazy/mad/insane deals will be like this Friday, you’re going to either have to Like Us on Facebook, Follow Us on Twitter, Instagram, OR Sign Up for our Mailing List! We’ll send out the sneak peak close to Thanksgiving!

Journey Juice Vends The 6th Annual Jittery Joe’s Fall Classic Century!

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The 6th Annual Jittery Joe’s Fall Classic Century @ Terrapin Brewery is growing each year in popularity! This race is a kid-friendly-family event for cyclists of all ages and ability. There is a 31 mile ride and 60 mile ride option. Registration is closed online, but you can register the morning of the event between 8:30AM-10AM for $35 (either race distance). The race starts at 10AM. We’ll be sampling and vending Journey Juice during registration and post race! Fuel up with the pure energy of raw fruits and veggies! There will be a post race party with live music and prizes! We hope to see you there!

Journey Juice to Give Free Samples at “In Their Shoes” Breast Cancer Walk

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“In Their Shoes” Breast Cancer Walk @ Athens Regional Hospital on Prince Ave. The event will take place on October 26th, 2013 from 8AM-11AM. We will be vending our juices in front of the hospital and giving free samples in support of breast cancer prevention. We believe in the power of raw juice for healing and restoring the body. Come out and walk to support a good cause and to try samples of our delicious juices!

Visit Us Every Saturday Morning at the Athens Farmers Market from 8am-Noon at Bishop Park!