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JAN 14

Intermittent Fasting

Does the idea of not eating anything solid for three days sound crazy to you? For those of you who do a juice cleanse regularly, that’s no big deal, right? But for those of you who eat three meals a day -- even if you eat ‘healthy’ meals, the idea of not consuming anything but liquid juice for three days -- that’s nine meals skipped -- is crazy.

JAN 02

Benefits of Juice Cleansing

Juice Cleansing or Juice Fasting and sometimes affectionally called "Juice Feasting" can work wonders for your body, mind, and soul. In allowing your body to rest, it can allocate energy to its natural cleansing and detoxing processes.

DEC 15

Gift Certificates Available

Need the perfect gift this holiday season?!? Know someone who's looking to take charge of their health in 2016?!? What better way to jump start a healthy year with an organic, cold pressed juice cleanse?!?

Journey Juice


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  • Journey Juice is a labor of love. A love for life, liberty, and the pursuit of perpetual vibrancy. Here at Journey Juice, we craft raw, all-natural, cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices that nourish the body, invigorate the soul, and taste delicious. May the juice be with you.

    — Journey Juice Mission Statement
  • Not only do the folks at Journey Juice make a delicious and healthy product, they are kind, understanding, and supportive. I only juice with Journey Juice.

    — Sara W.
  • I loved the Epic Cleanse SO MUCH- I didn’t want it to end seriously!!! I felt great- tons of energy and no cravings!!

    — Caroline Ward, Personal Trainer/Nutrition Consultant Transfit Athens
  • “Best” and “favorite” are words that I don’t say about foods lightly, but I can say them here: Journey Juice is my favorite juice shop in Athens, and they make the best juice I’ve ever tasted.

    — Sarra Sedghi, Townie Travels
  • Looking at the ingredient list, I was pretty skeptical. I’m not a fan of the majority of these ingredients. However, when mixed together and juiced, they’re absolutely delicious. 10/10, would buy again!

    — Drew S.
  • Three weeks ago I did the beginner cleanse and I am still caffeine free! No headaches and I actually have energy in the morning again. Amazing.

    — Mercedes D.
  • My four year-old loved her Beet Zinger! She loves Journey Juice!

    — Edwin H.
  • Athens area peeps… check out Journey Juice. Seriously the best thing I have ever tasted and now they have a groovy little shop on Prince Avenue.

    — Jessica A.
  • Loved the pineapple juice I just had – worth every penny. The best test of any juice is whether you want some more, and I sure do. See you soon!

    — Dan M.
  • The Beginner’s Three Day Cleanse was awesome!!! Much easier to do than you may think.

    — Christy O.
  • To be clear, Journey Juice isn’t a juice-to-order business. It’s a shop with a juicing facility in the back, which actually makes for a better, more consistent and tastier product. Being served a glass of warmish, fresh-juiced veggies is often, let’s be honest, kind of gross, but the same thing, pressed within an inch of its life to create a translucent, non-pulpy liquid and refrigerated, is far more appealing.

    — Hillary Brown, Flagpole Magazine